Providing outstanding customer service since 1999 and high-quality female marijuana seeds. We are currenlty stabilizing many female marijuana strains, but our best seller is White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds which are now ready.

It's been in the works for 3 years and we are have released a stable hybrid. It has a very sticky touch because it is just pouring with white THC crystals covering 90% of it's body. It has such a great stone, and it hits you fast in many waves, an amazing experience. I wouldn't want to be doing anything too complicated, but being around friends laughing or watching TV is just a blast. We are always looking for unique strains, and it takes thousands of marijuana plants to find just one amazing plant to select as a breeding parent. And from this parent we use our feminized stability method to make certain that the femnized seeds won't turn hermaphrodite under stress. This ensures very high quality female seeds.

Grow Sensimilla Marijuana Bud Using Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The HIGHEST QUALITY MARIJUANA FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDS found Globally. We offer female seeds so you don't have to worry about spending time taking care of male plants that don't grow bud. Buds come from unpollinated female plants, also known as sensimilla. When the male plant pollinates the female plant, it creates seeds from the sticky THC. If your plant goes to seed, then all the THC goes into producing seeds, not buds and therefore ruins your sensimilla crop. If you want to grow marijuana for smoking, then you don't want to have any male plants in your grow room or outdoors. If you grow from female seeds, then all the plants genetics are female and you don't have to worry about any male cannabis plants ruining your harvest.

There is lack of quality prescription medical pot and seeds for medical patients, that's where we fit in. We provide medical strains for pain and anxiety relief for many ailements. If you have any questions concerning what medical seed strains you should try, just contact us. We have helped tens of thousands of medical users, and we have researched what strains help certain medical conditions best.